The Suikan is a Heian Period outer garment that was worn by both men and women.  It is made from one single wide panel, a short standing collar, and big, wide sleeves.
Measurements Needed
  • Top of Shoulder to Knees
  • Panel width, typically 14" to 16"
  • Top of Shoulder to Finger Tip length, with arm extended out from side
  • Top of Shoulder to Mid-Thigh
  • Circumference of Neck
Pieces Needed
  • One (1) Long, single wide, body panel
  • Two (2) Overlap Panels
  • Two (2) Narrow Sleeve Panels
  • Two (2) Wide Sleeve Panels
  • One (1) Collar Piece
  • Misc. Kumihimo for Collar Tie and Sleeve Ties
  1. Start by cutting out all the pieces needed to make the Suikan.