Kumihimo is the Japanese art of braiding thread into cords or lacing for armor.  There are four (4) types of looms used for kumihimo, the Maru-dai, the Kaku-dai, the Taka-dai, and the Ayatake-dai.  The Maru-dai was typically used to make round, square, flat, trapezoidal, or rectangular braid.  The rectangular and round braid being used to lace armor.  The Kaku-dai was typically used for making square braid.  The Taka-dai was typically used to make flat braid that was either one layer thick or two layers thick. And the Ayatake-dai was primarily used to make flat braid.  The individual looms, and how they are used, will be discussed in the following pages, since there is an immense amount of information about all of them.