Japanese Garb
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The main reason for the following pages is to show different Japanese style garb that is worn by both men and women.  There will be pictures of garb worn and, in some cases, instructions for how the specific pieces are made.  I will also be showing how a basic Kosode and Hakama are sewn, at least how myself and Date Saburou Yukiie do it.  There is also a page dedicated to European garb, as well since both my daughter and Caledonia wear European garb.  The Japanese garb that will be discussed in the following pages can also be found, in more detail, at http://www.segokudaimyo.com or http://www.wodefordhall.com/kosode.htm.   European garb, that will be discussed can be found "links forthcoming".  The Japanese garb that will be discussed will be the Kosode, Hakama, Hitatare, Suikan, Kachie,  Eboshi, and Tabi.  Examples of all these items can be found below, being worn.