Date Saburou Yukiie








A samurai born into the Date Clan in the province of Mutsu, northern Honshu in the first year of Einin, in the reign of Fushimi Tenno (year 1293)

Date Saburou Yukiie was raised as a contemporary childhood companion to Go Daigo Tenno, the Rightfull Emperor of all Japan and the legitimate Son of Heaven, and naturally supported the Imperial cause under any circumstances. His friendship with the Emperor would prove to be major factor in this Date's life.

When the Kamakura Bakufu tried to depose The August Person, Date Yukiie, along with the famed Kusunoki Masashige, fell into efforts to keep the Son of Heaven in legitimate grandeure.

In 1330 Go Daigo Tenno was exhiled to the small island of Oki - Yukiie fought alongside Kusunoki throughout the land in gaining support for the legitimate Emperor. In what became known as the Nanbokucho Jidai (the war of the Northern and Southern Courts era) Go Daigo Tenno would eventually displace the Kamakura Bakufu.

Date Saburou Yukiie has been known by a number of names, as befits a Samurai of his times. He served as Graf Victor's personal body Guard when Victor was the first Unbelted King of the East Kingdom, and served as Captain of his Queen's Guard during that Reign, protecting Queen Sedalia.

In that time he was known as "Tengu Date" or sometimes "Demon Fred" (don't ask!) Later, he was known as Kaminari Date, befitting his change of status to an armorer, and traveled the Known World

Eventually taking the name of Date Saburou Yukiie.  Currently, Yukiie functions as head (Ancient Ancestor) of the Tonbogawa Branch of the Date. In a quark of fate and time, there are other Date...descendants of Yukiie. Date Genshiro Toshinobu, who has taken the Date family name, making him a Great Great Grandson of Yukiie and Date Rokurou Yoshimitsu, formerly known as Momochi Takezo, is also a current Great Great Grandson of Yukiie.

Date Saburou Yukiie enjoys making armor and archery related items important to the Samurai of his time period, as well as the later periods that his Great Great Grandchildren live in.

In the year 1348 Date Saburou Yukiie dies in combat in the battle of Shinj˘ Nawate, defeated by the K˘ Family.

Mundanely, Date (under a different name and serial number) lived in Japan in his own apartment for a number of years with the mundane U.S.M.C. and earned a Nidan ranking in the All Japan Kendo Federation at Ginoza, with the Ginoza Kesatsu.

He also studied in Korea, with the Republic of Korea Marines, and worked on his open hand technique in Tae Kwon Do there.

As a non-commissioned officer with the U.S.M.C., Date was involved in explosive ordnance disposal, and still has all ten natural fingers - proving he was somewhat good at what he did.

He was a guest of the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia& Kuwait, was an armed visitor to Iraq in the first Gulf War, and a CNC machinist for 9 odd years.

Currently, Date is an Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Designer, and Fine Artist, with a website called Kabuto Graphics. He can be reached there for custom artwork and design, and when his hammers allow, he might be convinced to do a helm or some body armor.